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Casa Agata_Noto

NUOVA COSTRUZIONE VILLA e GIARDINO_progetto realizzato_2008

Casa Agata talks about its owners in every single detail, inside and out. A smart and adventurous french couple decided, when it wasn't "fashionable" yet, to buy a piece of land in Sicily, precisely in Noto's marvelous countryside, and build a holiday house.

Casa Agata became more and more than a holiday house cause, over the years, the owners have spent a long time there, and braided many close and very good relationships both with foreign and local people.

The house is located on top of a quite high hill, over one of the typical "canyons" that crosses Noto's territory. Is an isolated, meditative, and awesome place, where the landscape is shaped by steep slopes covered by almond trees, carob, and wild vegetation.